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Aveda Statement

"Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility - not just in the world of beauty, but around the world." Horst M. Rechalbacher, Founder, Aveda


Aveda (pronounced ah-vay-da) was founded by Horst Rechelbacher in 1978. In 1970, Horst, on a trip to India, was introduced to the healing properties of Ayurveda (the Hindu science of longevity) and aroma and suddenly his vision for his company (thus the name Aveda) was born. Horst had formulated the first product, a clove shampoo, in his kitchen sink. View the Wikipedia Article

"Aveda - The first beauty company manufacturing with 100% certified organic wind power. Our wind energy purchase offsets 100% of the electricity use by our primary manufacturing facility in Minnesota, USA. One of the largest purchasers of organic ingredients in the personal care industry. 90% of our essential oils and 89% of our raw herbal ingredients are certified organic. $11million raised for environmental and social causes to date through our Earth Month campaigns. Setting industry benchmark for environmental packaging. We are a leader in integrating the highest possible post consumer recycled (pcr) content into our packaging. Without compromise. We fulfil our mission by providing high-performing products that are good for professional, our guests, and the Earth."


  1. We believe in treating ourselves, each other, and the planet with care and respect.
  2. We believe social responsibility is our responsibility.
  3. We believe ecological and profit goals are mutually achievable.
  4. We believe our authenticity and experience are our points of difference.
  5. We believe in inspiring and educating people to integrate wellness and beauty in their lives.
  6. We believe in the power of oneness: from our global image to a focused network.
  7. We believe learning never ends.
  8. We believe in encouraging innovation and empowered decision-making.
  9. We believe our actions, products, and services should always embody excellence.
  10. We believe personal and organizational balance is the key to sustainable success.
  11. We believe true leadership is delivered with passion and by example.


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Aveda Rituals

With each visit to our hair salon you can experience a free Sensory Ritual to help relax & melt that stress away.

Aveda Comforting Tea Ritual
Enjoy a cup of Aveda comforting tea, a delicious blend of Peppermint and liquorice root welcomes you on every visit.

Stress Relieving Scalp & Shoulders Ritual
Enjoy a relaxing Scalp and Shoulder massage - a calming wellness experience - that releases tension.

Stress Relieving Hand Ritual
Dual sensations - touch and aroma. A rejuvenating treatment for hard-working hands.

Haircare Consultation
Your hair-care needs can change seasonally, with a new hairstyle or a new lifestyle.  Let an Aveda Hair Expert analyse your hair and guide you to the perfect hair-care system to fit your life today.

Aveda Sensory Journey
Go on a sensory adventure as we guide you through Aveda's exclusive collection of pure flower and plant essences. Experience customised skin care as an Aveda advisor recommends the perfect products for your skin's health and well-being.